Alec Baldwin Drops Pants on 'Letterman,' Denies Punching Photographer

Alec Baldwin has appeared on "The Late Show With David Letterman" to not only deny punching a photographer, but he also dropped his pants.

The 54-year-old actor is centered in controversy after being accused of punching a photographer in New York City earlier this week. Photographer Marcus Santos claims that Baldwin punched him as he tried to snap photos of the actor leaving the Marriage License Bureau.

"I kinda pushed him out of the way because he almost hit me in the face with the camera," explained Baldwin speaking to David Letterman on Wednesday's episode.

"Had I punched him, I'd be in jail. Then I would have pressed charges against him for assault," continued the actor. "Then we would both be in the jail cell together. And you don't want to know what would happen in the jail cell, if were were together in the jail cell."

As a means to change the subject from the punching incident, Baldwin then pulled down his pants, proving his recent weight loss.

"You were talking about swimsuit season, correct," asked Baldwin of Letterman. "I've been trying to diet and I've lost so much weight that the problem is none of my clothes fit me. If you put your hands in your pockets, your pants come down."

It was then that the actor dropped his pants, which Letterman joked was "not what I was expecting," but that he "enjoyed it."

"You can see, I'll go to any length to change the subject from current events," explained Baldwin of his behavior.

The actor even got the 65-year-old talk show host to drop his pants.

"I was scared people might see my junk," said Letterman of the act.

Baldwin announced his engagement to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas in April. He appears in "Rock of Ages" and "To Rome With Love," both recently released.