Alessandra Ambrosio Baby Boy Born: Victoria's Secret Model Gives Birth (PHOTOS)

Victoria's Secret model Alexandria Ambrosia gave birth to a new baby boy on Monday, although the name of the new baby has yet to be revealed.

The Brazilian model and her fiancée Jamie Mazur welcomed the new baby boy Monday in Florianopolis, Brazil.

 "Welcome my son, can't wait to show u around this crazy place," Mazur tweeted Monday afternoon.

The model announced in April that she would be giving birth to a boy by posting a picture of herself on Facebook with the message written in the sand.

"We really tried to keep it a surprise but we were too anxious!" she wrote beneath the picture. "Soon, we will have a little boy to rock our world!!"

This will be the model's second child with fiancée Jamie Mazur; the couple also has a 3-year-old daughter named Anja.

"I have wanted a boy for a long time. I actually thought my first baby was going to be a boy, but then, of course, was very happy to get a girl," Ambrosio told E! Online. "But now I am getting a boy as well, it's absolutely perfect. It's the best news."

The name of the new baby boy has yet to be revealed. The model had previously admitted that she had one too many girl names picked out and not one for a boy.

"I have five good names for a girl and really none for a boy," Ambrosio said. "I want something that works well in both Portuguese and English. It can't be too American or my grandmother won't be able to pronounce it!"

Hours before giving birth, Ambrosio posted a picture of herself on a Brazilian beach enjoying the sun.

"Beautiful day!!!! Exciting week ahead!!!" she wrote in the caption.

Following the birth of the baby, even Ambrosio's mother-in-law, Michelle Mazur, turned to social media, writing about her new grandson on Facebook.

"Grandson just born in Brazil!" she confirmed.