Alex Band Beaten and Abducted: 'I Never Thought My Unborn Child Would be My Savior,' Singer Says

Alex Band, lead singer of The Calling, was allegedly abducted and beaten while in Lapeer, Michigan this weekend. The performer has denied claims that the incident was staged in order to promote The Calling's upcoming reunion.

According to a report by Band's publicist, the singer was walking from his hotel to a mini-mart around 4:00 a.m. when people in a van pulled alongside and grabbed him. They then began beating him "with a police baton and had a gun pointed at his face," the statement given by publicist Brad Taylor to media outlets said.

"After Band fought back, he was cornered in the van with the gun to his face and Band told the assailants, 'Don't kill me as I am about to be a dad.' After more beating, the assailants responded, 'We don't kill fathers' and then left him for dead at a local railroad track in Lapeer," the statement continued.

When a member of his band noticed that Band was missing, a search party was convened. Band was located just a while later; he was reportedly covered in blood but conscious.

"He's bleeding all over the place and I found him at the side of the road," Band's manager can be heard telling 911 in a call released to the public.

The performer suffered three broken teeth, a gash on his chin that required 15 stitches, a fractured lower spine and severe bruising to his side and stomach. He released photos of his injuries to TMZ in an effort to diffuse the controversy surrounding the incident. Some believe that Band faked the entire thing in order to drum up support for The Calling's big comeback.

"This just happened to me. I didn't kidnap myself or beat the crap out of myself. So the whole hoax thing is honestly kind of disgusting to even think about, or hear," Band told CNN.

"I never thought my unborn child would be my savior," the soon-to-be father added. "I am grateful to be alive and I know that I am destined for bringing my music back to my fans."

Law officials have not commented on the case nor confirmed Band's details of the incident.