Alex Jones BBC Interview Goes Viral: 'Idiot,' Says Host (VIDEO)

Controversial Radio Host Rants About 'Nazi Plot' at Bilderberg Conference

Alex Jones' BBC interview has now gone viral after the high-strung libertarian began screaming at the host and a fellow guest while on "Sunday Politics" this weekend. The shock jock spared nothing and no one during his rant, refusing to quiet down and yelling over the host, who attempted to continue the show.

Alex Jones' was on the BBC program to discuss the secretive meeting of the Bilderberg Group, which is made up of very high-worth, influential individuals. The meeting was held Thursday at the Grove hotel in Watford, England to discuss world issues, but Jones claimed the exclusive group was out for world domination, mind control, and other devious schemes.

"It is the ultimate lobbying meeting … We have forced them from cover to admit that they are puppeteers above the major parties," he said. Though both guest David Aaronovitch of The Times and host Andrew Neil attempted to rebut his claims, Jones cut them off, saying the government was out to "disappear people" and that the Bilderberg group designed the euro as part of a "Nazi plot."

Aaronovitch challenged Jones, pointing out that a government plot to kill citizens would have certainly ended with the controversial radio host's death, but Jones refused to listen.

"Hey listen, I'm here to warn people, you keep telling me to shut up,' Jones said, constantly referring to his website "No, you guys are crazy, thinking that the public's too stupid. You're crazy, thinking the public doesn't know. You're crazy, thinking the public isn't waking up."

However, Neil soon intervened, calling Jones an "idiot" when the man continued his rant even through the host talking and into the next segment of the show.

"We have an idiot on the program today," Neil said. "You are the worst person I've ever interviewed. David, thank you for being with us. It's gone half past 11. You're watching the Sunday Politics."

After the unpleasant interview was over, Neil tweeted, suggesting the radio host's rants were just for show.

"The moment Alex Jones knew he was no longer on the air he stopped," the journalist wrote.

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