Alex Rodriguez Plea Deal: 150 Game Suspension is "Best Offer"- Could Mean Career End

Lawyers for Alex Rodriguez have attempted to make a plea deal with the MLB following a four-hour conversation Friday in which it was revealed that the organization could have evidence to prove that Rodriquez is in breach of his contract in regards to performance enhancing drugs.

Rodriquez was reprimanded for failing to appear at Friday night's game after a conversation with the MLB organization left they player feeling uneasy. The MLB has secured testimony from Anthony Bosch, founder of the Biogenesis of America clinic, who is now complying with the organization to avoid a legal mess of his own. Following his compliance, it is unclear what type of evidence the MLB has over Rodriguez.

Preparing for the worst, lawyers for the 12 time AL All-Star have submitted a plea bargain on their client's behalf to avoid "potentially massive" losses according to the Daily News. In one of the best-case scenarios, Rodriguez could be placed on a 150-day suspension. The player is at current finishing off the final days of his 20-day rehab assignment following hip injury.

The MLB could have testimony from Bosch that A-Rod procured performance-enhancing drugs from Bosch for several years. Bosch allegedly paid a visit to Rodriguez during last year's American League Championship Series after the New York Yankees slugger sought his help amid a 1-for-9 slump, according to the ESPN.

Rodriguez's name has also been linked to a possible pay off involving a third man, Porter Fischer, who is believed to have been the marketing director of Biogenesis before he became involved in a dispute with Bosch. Fischer had invested $20,000 in the company and wanted his money back after the disagreement according to the Miami Herald.

Bosch eventually paid Fischer, but when the man demanded an additional $4,000 that Bosch did not have, Bosch involved Rodriguez explaining the Fischer was attempting to expose the company. Rodriguez then allegedly paid Fischer at least $4,000 "to make it go away," reports said.

A more than 100 game suspension for Rodriguez, now 38, could mean the end of his MLB career.