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Alicia Keys Bares Baby Bump for 'We Are Here' Movement; Says 'I Wouldn't Be Naked for Nothin'

Alicia Keys Bares Baby Bump for 'We Are Here' Movement; Says 'I Wouldn't Be Naked for Nothin'

Alicia Keys has launched her "We Are Here" movement | (PHOTO: Courtesy - Instagram/@aliciakeys)

Alicia Keys recently posed nude and bared her baby bump in a bid to draw attention to a charity cause.

The "We Are Here" singer, 33, shared the photo with her 2 million followers on Instagram last week which set tongues wagging. In it, she is seen baring her burgeoning baby bump which is painted with a peace sign.

"It's you and me on a mission to create a kinder and more peaceful world," Keys wrote in the caption. "The #WeAreHere Movement begins today."

She explained the peace sign on her bump in a video posted online on Sunday.

"It looks like I got your attention, good, because that's what 'We Are Here' is all about, the conversation. And the peace sign on the belly is all about wanting a safer world for children. Who doesn't want that? And if you want to know more go to because you know I wouldnt be out here naked for nothin'," she said.

The Grammy award-winning singer recently dropped her "We Are Here" song, which she says was inspired by tragic events in the news as of late. The shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson last month as well as the crisis in the Middle East are just some of the reasons Keys recently began to seriously question her role in the world.

She explained to the New York Times that a friend recently asked her "why are you here?" which led to her realization that "nobody has asked me that question before."

The "We Are Here" campaign is designed to inspire people to find ways to make a positive impact in the world as opposed to just dwelling on difficult issues.

"I want to gather an army," she said.

Dozens of celebrities and hundreds of fans have already taken to Twitter using the hashtag #weareheremovement to share why they believe they were put on earth.

The nude baby bump shoot has helped Keys achieve her goal of getting people talking about the movement. She has already donated $1 million to 12 organizations and is encouraging people to also do their part in supporting them.

They include All Out, CARE, Equal Justice Initiative, Partners in Health, the Future Project, Girl Rising, Keep a Child Alive, Moms Rising, Oxfam, the Trevor Project, the Trayvon Martin Foundation, and War Child.

"It's time to get people's attention. People won't be able to ignore this visual," she said of her photo.

"We're in the same head space. We think the same things," she said, of the injustices facing the world. "This is bothering us, so how can we take that to the next step and do something about that, as opposed to just being angry?"


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