Alicia Keys Red Gown at Super Bowl Pre-Game Performance (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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(PHOTO: Twitter/Alicia Keys)Alicia Keys prepares to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl on Feb. 3, 2013.

Alicia Keys left a standing impression at the 2013 Super Bowl while performing the National Anthem.

Keys had America's full attention sitting at a baby grand piano and wearing a patriotic themed, scarlet dress. The singer belted out a slow edition of the nation's song without missing a note.

In front of an audience of over 150 million people, Keys showed no fear even adding her own bit to the end of the song.

Her rendition of the song had a jazzy feel that appropriately matched her vintage like style.

Keys added a simple gold necklace to the red studded gown and her hair short, parted to the side.

Just before Keys took the field, Jennifer Hudson performed "America the Beautiful" alongside a choir composed of children from Sandy Hook Elementary school. The children began the song and carried the first full verse before Hudson joined in with a gospel rich tone.

Before the performance Keys said that she prepared for the day by doing a session of yoga.

"Just finished a beautiful, calming yoga session," the singer wrote on Twitter. "My intention is 2 enjoy every piece of this special day! What's urs?"

Keys added a second update just before her performance.

"Almost ready to sing at the @Superbowl! Is this football appropriate?" she wrote. "Heels are my version of cleets!"

However, although many priased Keys' performance, it's hard to please everyone, and a number of other viewers responded to the performance by stating that it was "just okay."

"I think maybe it was just me.. or maybe my expectations were more but I thought it was just ok," one user wrote on the Huffington Post blog.

Other users also appeared upset that Keys added her own flair to the song.

"There is NO reason for our national anthem to be performed as an "all new version." It is our national song, and should be sung with humility, respect and solemnity," one user wrote. "WHY do modern performers ruin it and disgrace our national anthem with their disrespectful versions???"