All 5 'Star Trek' Captains and London Convention Makes Waves

"Star Trek" convention organizers in London have announced that their October event will be the first ever to unite all five television captains on stage.

Destination Star Trek London officials said Monday that their fan convention will also be the first live "Star Trek" event in the U.K. for over ten years.

The occasion will see actors William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Sir Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard), Avery Brooks (Commander Sisko), Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway), and Scott Bakula (Captain Archer). Each actor portrayed characters that commanded operations on the iconic television franchise, which began in 1966.

"The 'Star Trek' fan base in the U.K. is one if the biggest in the world, and it has waited a long time for the convention to return, so we wanted to make it right," Liz Kalodner, general manager of CBS Consumer Products that owns the TV franchise, told Reuters.

Shatner remains one of the most popular icons of the shown which has a cult following. The 81-year-old actor portrayed the captain of the starship Enterprise, and continues to attract thousands of "Trekkies" to "Star Trek" events across the globe and has over 670,000 followers on Twitter.

His impressive television career spans over 60 years and includes appearances on television shows such as "The Practice" and "Boston Legal" as well as on the Discovery Channel's series "Weird or What?" Shatner is also a celebrity pitch man.

Destination Star Trek London can expect to welcome between 10,000 to 15,000 "Star Trek" enthusiasts from all over the world at the Excel Exhibition Center over three days starting on Oct. 19.

On Twitter, Trekkies are already sounding off about the monumental fan gathering.

Twitter user Brian wrote, "Star Trek Convention coming to London in October. That's way more interesting than the Olympics!"

"Just bought a ticket to a real live proper Star Trek Convention #forreal," wrote Tim.

"Rather exciting news," posted Ian of all five TV captains attending the upcoming convention.

The Twitter account for Star Trek London posted on Monday, "Welcome to all our new followers- so everything has been revealed, tickets on sale, website is live, Five Captains- is London ready?"

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