'All My Babies' Mamas' Reality Show With 'Shawty Lo' Walker Sparks Protest

Carlos "Shawty Lo" Walker, a rapper hailing from Atlanta, Ga., is shocking audiences with a trailer for his upcoming reality television show tentatively titled "All My Babies' Mamas" and has even sparked a petition.

Walker, 36, will reportedly star on the television show that will appear on Oxygen Networks. In a trailer for the upcoming series, the rapper speaks about his life with 11 children by 10 different women along with a 19-year-old girlfriend.

"I did think I would have a lot of kids but I didn't think I would have all of these baby mamas," Walker reveals in a preview clip of the television show. "How does a guy like me end up with 10 baby mamas and 11 kids? They were in love and I probably was too. And it just happened."

In the pilot for the reality television show, each woman that mothered Walker's children is introduced and labeled by her personality or role in his life. E'reia, the mother who refers to herself as "the first lady," introduces seven woman who birthed Walker's children and will appear on the show.

Angela "Chocolate" is labeled as "the fighter baby mama", while Amanda is called "the jealous baby mama," Sujuan is referred to as the"wanna-be-bougie baby mama," Tamara is called "no drama baby mama," Serena is known as "the shady baby mama" and Liana or "Pebbles" is known as "baby mama from hell."

The rapper's girlfriend Ashlin,19, also introduces herself in the preview of the show and says she is unfazed by the amount of children and their corresponding mothers in Walker's life.

"When I first figured out that Carlos had 10 baby mommas and 11 kids I didn't care because I was already crazy about him," the rapper's girlfriend stated in the preview clip making its rounds on YouTube and the Internet.

However, some people seemed to be more concerned with the matter and took to Twitter to express their feelings about the show.

"That upcoming Shawty Lo reality show makes me want to wander the earth and find the meaning of life," one person tweeted.

Another individual seemed to share the same sentiments.

"There's a guy called 'Shawty Lo.' He has 10 baby mamas. And he might have his own reality show. 'Jersey Shore' is classy now," the person tweeted.

Some people seemed so outraged by the prospect of the show that a petition was created with the hopes of getting the show cancelled before its first air date. In a Change.org petition titled "Cancel Shawty-Low show and all programming which demeans girls/women..." creator Sabrina Lamb wrote a letter to Oxygen Media, Electus and DiGa Vision, which is reportedly responsible for the upcoming programming.

"Our Children...our Community... Deserves Better," the creator of the petition wrote. "Ban This Poison. Ban This Television Show."

At press time, 569 people supported the petition.