Alleged Parts for iPhone 5S Surface (PHOTOS)

Pictures of components said to be for the iPhone 5S surfaced on the internet earlier this week.

A Japanese smartphone parts vendor iLab Factory posted this new set of photos which show the device's flex cables, including one that houses the handset's front camera. These parts could be from the iPhone 5S or the low-cost iPhone that is rumored to launch this year.

The vibrating part found in iLab Factory's photos uses a dual-head design that is distinct from the iPhone 5's vibrator design. The other two parts did not reveal much information on the device.

Another picture that featured what could be the home button for the iPhone 5S leaked onto the last month.

The picture was posted by a Japanese vendor known as Moumantai. The home button in the picture is very similar to the one used on the iPhone 5 with the main difference being the flex cable used to connect the main logic board. The cable on the iPhone 5S is much longer than the version found on the iPhone 5. It is also routed differently through the device's body, according to 9to5Mac.

Apple's rumored fingerprint sensor for the iPhone 5S is expected to be located somewhere around the home button. However, this part seems to be incompatible with a fingerprint sensor in that area.

The site also leaked another image of what is believed to be the vibrator and flex for the iPhone 5S. The image shows the vibrator attached to the flex cable which appears to support the volume buttons and mute switch on the side of the device. This cable is more compact than the version found on the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5S is also expected to feature an upgraded camera and processor and will ship to retailers during Q3.

The next-generation components for the smartphone will begin shipping at the end of May and that the device could show up in stores during the fall, DigiTimes reported. Other reports pointed to a summer release; but DigiTimes claims show that being too soon.