Alligator Bites Man in Louisiana When He Drunkenly Grabbed It's Tail: I 'Learned the Hard Way,' Says Glen Bonin (VIDEO)

Reuters/China PhotosA Chinese veterinarian plays with a Yangtze alligator at the Chongqing Yangtze Alligator Center in Chongqing, a municipal city in south-central China on the Yangtze River, in this September 14, 2004 file photo.

An 11-foot alligator bit a man's hand in Louisiana so badly that he needed 80 stitches afterwards, according to reports. Glen Bonin and two friends came across the fearsome beast on the road and tried to move it, but now he admits that it would have been much worse if God wasn't watching over him.

The 11-foot alligator was sitting on a road south of Sulphur, Louisiana when Bonin and his two friends came across it. Some drinks led the trio to believe that it was a good idea to move the alligator off the road so it didn't block traffic.

"I've always been the kind of guy to learn the hard way," he told KPLC news.

Bonin and his friends decided to tape their foolish attempt to move the gator. His friends distracted it from the front and threw t-shirts on its face while he grabbed its tail and dragged it backwards.

The alligator snapped and hissed at the fellows, but they ignored the warning. It wasn't long before the danger became all too real for Bonin.

"It spun around and grabbed my hand," he explained. "It felt like it lasted forever. When it happened it was a split second but it really wasn't. It felt like it lasted a long time."

Bonin scrambled backwards, rolling over down an embankment. The gator had ripped his hand nearly to shreds in an instant, opening a huge gash that would require 80 stitches.

After the incident, Bonin warned others to never approach an alligator on the road. Instead, stay in the vehicle and call the authorities or animal control. He also realizes that he's very fortunate to be alive.

"Definitely fortunate, God was watching over me," Bonin admitted.