A&M Fan's Brawl Caught on Video, Man Accused of Being Racist (VIDEO)

A presumed Texas A&M fan began an airport brawl after making racist remarks to another traveler.

A YouTube video depicting a tall white man making lewd remarks to an African-American man has taken off on the Internet. In the video, the taller man appears drunk, wearing a Johnny football shirt, when he approaches the traveler in front of him and begins name-calling.

He then proceeds by taking off his coat. The second traveler, who appears to have been standing at the airline desk in front of him, responds by also taking off his coat. The white man then proceeds by pushing the second traveler forward.

The move is enough to turn the altercation into an all out brawl.

Surrounding travelers attempt to stop both men from fighting and while they manage to keep the men relatively subdued, but both men continue to go after each other. The taller man continues to spew epithets, many of which are hard to make out.

At some point, police arrive and pull the A&M fan who began the fight to the side to question him. According to some reports, the man accused the second traveler of starting the fight. However, it appears that officials did not believe his story, because he was not allowed to board the plane. The second man, however, was allowed to board and according to other reports, he received cheers as he walked down the airplane aisle to take his seat.

The taller man was wearing a shirt in support of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manzial. Over the weekend, Manzial made another successful show of his skills during the Texas A&M victory over the weekend. The rising quarterback is being considered as a strong candidate for the Heisman Trophy. Has has been compared to Cam Newton and Tim Tebow.