Amanda Bynes Court Appearance: Actress Dancing in Blue Wig Outside Courtroom?

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SheldonDutes4NYAmanda Bynes wears blue wig to court

Amanda Bynes' bizarre behavior reportedly reached new heights, with reports claiming the troubled actress was recently dancing in a New York city courthouse ahead of her hearing.

The former Nickelodeon star, 27, appeared before a judge Tuesday for a hearing stemming from reckless endangerment charges and shortly before this, sources claim she was in the foyer dancing. While defendants are often advised to take their court appearances seriously, Bynes showed up wearing a bright blue wig, sweat pants and reportedly appeared to be unfazed by her impending legal woes.

"Amanda wore a sweatsuit ... She almost seemed to be enjoying the crowd of people who were there to see her and at one point she actually cracked a sly smile," a source told In Touch magazine.

"As she waited for her name to be called, Amanda fidgeted with her wig constantly and then she busted out a little dance in her seat that could best be described as a body wave," the source explained.

Bynes has displayed increasingly odd behavior in recent months, and her alleged courthouse dancing has raised further concerns about her mental health.

"She sort of rolled her left wrist, twisted her left arm, bobbed her head, then twisted her right arm and rolled her right wrist," the source said about Bynes' dance moves. "Her movements were small, like she was just moving to a beat in her mind."

The aspiring rapper was arrested in May after a doorman inside her Manhattan apartment building called police claiming she was smoking marijuana in the lobby. Upon entering Bynes' apartment, the former child star allegedly tossed out a foot-long bong pipe outside of her 36th floor apartment window.

Officers reportedly noted a "heavy smell of marijuana and smoke" and subsequently, Bynes was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and criminal possession of marijuana, according to NBC News.

The courthouse dancing is just the latest in a series of reports raising concerns about Bynes' wellbeing. In addition to offensive and raunchy tweets, there have been frequent makeovers, which include a cheek piercing; several random solo outings; publicly smoking unknown substances; driving mishaps and ongoing legal woes.