Amanda Bynes Eviction Over Pot: Actress Denies Rumors

Amanda Bynes has insisted that she is not moving out of her New York apartment following rumors that her landlord is threatening eviction.

The former "What I Like About You" actress was allegedly threatened with eviction by her current landlord, who has complained that Bynes is constantly smoking pot.

Bynes has been called a "building nuisance" by her landlord because she is a "disrespectful rule breaker," according to TMZ. Bynes is accused of smoking pot "morning, noon, and night" both in her apartment and in the hallways, sources have told the celebrity news website. The apartment is within a smoke free building.

Original reports also stated that Bynes planned on leaving her building before facing eviction. The actress, however, has denied those reports, instead claiming that she does not even have a landlord because she owns her own condo.

"I'm not moving. I don't have a landlord! I don't rent! I own a condo in NY," Bynes told Celebuzz via text message.

Bynes has had a difficult time transitioning into her New York home, since leaving the West Coast. Last year she was accused of walking around naked in a tanning salon.

"She walked out of the room completely naked," an eyewitness reported to In Touch magazine. "She didn't seem to care that everyone saw her naked."

Bynes denied the accusations in a later statement.

"I'm not 'troubled,'" Bynes told Us Weekly on Thursday, as she declared her intent to sue InTouch. "I don't get naked in public. I'm 26, a multi-millionaire, retired. Please respect my privacy."

A month later the actress was spotted in a club "by herself, just walking around bumping into people," a source told the Post. "She tapped a girl on the shoulder and asked to take a picture of her outfit. The girl recognized her and asked for a picture in return. But Amanda said that wasn't her name and told her 'no photos.'"

"She seemed sad and empty-eyed," the source added.