Amanda Bynes Family Concerned After Vulgar Drake Tweet

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(Photo: Twitter/AmandaBynes)Amanda Bynes posted this photo on her Twitter account.

Amanda Bynes' family is reportedly growing more concerned about the actress' bizarre antics, and some critics believe that her behavior may signify much deeper issues.

On Thursday the former Nickelodeon star posted a sexually explicit tweet on social networking site Twitter, which left many of her followers stunned. The tweet, which was targeted at rapper Drake, is just the latest in a series of erratic actions recently displayed by Bynes.

"I want @drake to murder my ------," Bynes tweeted March 21.

The family of Bynes, 26, is reportedly urging the former child star to move back to her native of California where they would be able to keep a close eye on her. Bynes abruptly moved to New York City approximately six months ago, and some believe that her behavior may simply be a cry for help.

In addition to raunchy tweets, there have been frequent makeovers which include her recent cheek piercing; several random solo outings; publicly smoking unknown substances; driving mishaps and ongoing legal woes. Some close to the actress are now questioning whether Bynes may be suffering from a mental illness, according to TMZ.

During one solo outing Bynes was spotted at Equinox gym where she appeared to be dazed and out of it, according to The New York Daily News. She reportedly began talking to herself, and onlookers witnessed her asking and answering her own questions.

At one point Bynes was also seen repeatedly spotting between her workout on an elliptical to burst out laughing hysterically "for no reason," reinforcing concerns for her mental well being, according to the New York Daily News.

In February, Bynes received widespread criticism after she randomly tweeted a photo of hip hop mogul Jay-Z and labeled him "Ugly face."