Amanda Bynes Fortune Dwindling? Actress' Spending 'Out Of Control'

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @amandabynesAmanda Bynes posts a "selfie" on Twitter

Amanda Bynes has reportedly gained direct access to her $6 million dollar fortune and sources fear that her erratic behavior could ultimately leave her broke.

The 27-year-old former Nickelodeon star reportedly built most of her fortune as a child star. Her parents, Lynn and Rick, were legally entitled to take control of their daughters wealth and secure it in investments.

"While Amanda was growing up her parents and lawyers controlled all of her money, they put it away in investments so that she would be able to have it when she got older," a source close to the troubled star told

"Amanda made a lot of money starting with Nickelodeon and then other TV shows and movies, but she lived like a regular girl when she was young. However, a few months ago she demanded that she have complete access to all of the money so she could spend it, not save it anymore," the source explained.

In recent months, Bynes' bizarre behavior, which includes sexually explicit tweets and shaving her head, has raised concerns about her mental well being. A recent interview has led to speculation that she may be having illusions of grandeur.

(PHOTO) Twitter: @amandabynesAmanda Bynes shaves half head, shares selfie on Twitter

"[I'm] in the Mary-Kate and Ashley [Olsen] type of wealth [category]," Bynes recently told In Touch magazine.

The Olsen twins, who like Bynes are former child stars, are estimated to be worth $300 million, which a source insists is nowhere near the troubled actress' net worth.

"Amanda is worth $5 to $6 million, not anywhere near Mary-Kate and Ashley's money," a source revealed.

While Bynes' net worth appears to be significantly lower than what she claims, the actress ultimately still has a substantial fortune. A source claims that she has become more prone to excessive spending.

"Amanda knows she has a lot of money. Before she wasn't restricted from getting to it, but a lot of it was tied up in investments and banked for her future, but she insisted that she be able to use all of it as she sees fit," the source said, adding that "there is nothing anyone can do to stop her from spending it all."

Bynes' spending habits have been described as "out of control," and a source claims that at this rate the troubled actress may soon be left broke.

"Her spending is out of control," the source said, adding that Bynes' shopping sprees include $11,000 on hair extensions, month-long stays at luxury hotels and huge cab fares.

"[She's] going to run out of money sooner or later. The girl no longer has an income," the source added.