Amanda Bynes Hit and Run Brings Total to 3: Does Actress Need Help?

Actress Amanda Bynes has been accused of another hit and run incident in Los Angeles. This makes the third such incident since April of this year, leading to speculation that she may lose her license.

Reports state that Bynes rear-ended a Toyota Corolla driven by a 26-year-old woman known only as Kisa, who has said that the two had a conversation immediately following the accident. When Kisa suggested exchanging insurance information, Amanda "seemed nervous about that," Kisa told TMZ.

Bynes then began pleading for Kisa to avoid telling her insurance company about the ordeal since the accident was "not that serious." When Kisa insisted on sharing information, Bynes allegedly got into her vehicle and fled the scene. Kisa then called authorities who classified the incident as a hit and run.

This is the third such incident since April of this year, when Bynes crashed into another car and ran a red light in her hurry to flee the scene. Police were able to track Bynes' vehicle and later arrested her for driving under the influence. When she was formally charged with DUI, she then tweeted President Obama for help and requested that the arresting officer be fired.

Bynes later pleaded not guilty to the crime and was released. However, Bynes was also involved in two separate hit and run incidents on May 5 and May 27. It is not known whether drugs or alcohol played a factor in those accidents but led to questions of Bynes' behavior and health.

After getting her start on the Nickelodeon channel, Bynes began to explore a film career, with roles in "What a Girl Wants," "She's the Man," and "Hairspray." Compared to fellow actresses such as Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears, Bynes appeared relatively calm and dedicated to her work.

"I think I'll go out as much as I've ever gone out…which is not a lot," she told E! Online. "I like to dance and stuff, but drinking isn't good for you in every way. It's not good for your skin; it makes you feel horrible. So drinking-wise, no."

Just two years later, though, Bynes told a different story. "I used to be known as the girl who was anti the club scene," she told Cosmopolitan. "But I'm finding a balance. I can have a drink and dance if I want. You have to go out to people and guys."