Amanda Bynes Imposter Creating Havoc Around New York City?

Amanda Bynes claims there is an impostor posing as her roaming around New York City acting crazy to make her look bad.

A number of videos have been posted showing Bynes moving about spastically in her blonde wig, but they never show her face.

In one video she is at the gym using the elliptical and flailing around as the person who films is laughing. See that video here.

Another video shows the former star walking on a crowded NYC street dancing around crazily as onlookers and those filming were unsure of what they were seeing.

Bynes took to Twitter to say it was not her in that video.

"That Is Not Me! I'm Suing Complex Magazine To Take That Article Down! Someone Is Posing As Me And Didn't Show Their Face! Ew Complex Mag!" she posted.

See that video here.

Apparently a Bynes impostor was eating soup as well. A producer from "The View" said she saw someone acting "peculiarly" while eating, to which Bynes yet again went on the defense.

"That is not me eating soup! there is someone posing as me who looks nothing like me! ew!" she Tweeted.

Her rebuttal to these fake sightings of her was of course found on Twitter.

"When my hair grows out will everyone stop putting up fake videos of random girls in wigs posing as me? thanks!" she said. "My lawyer will have every fake story about me removed from the internet."

Prior to her latest fraud claims she showed off her weight loss with a photo and a caption.

"135 to 107.2!" the caption of a photo of a scale read. However, the weight loss is concerning some because of her height. Bynes stands 5'7" and her goal of 100 pounds could be extremely unhealthy.