Amanda Bynes Misses Court Date: 'Retired' Actress on Downward Spiral?

Amanda Bynes missed her court date yesterday for a pre-trial hearing, and her lawyer, Richard Hutton, was forced to ask the judge for a continuance, which he was granted. Bynes' behavior recently has some people concerned that she is spiraling out-of-control and on a self-destructive path.

Bynes was arrested in September for drunk driving and was responsible for a series of hit-and-run accidents in a short time span. Even though she was told not to drive, Bynes continued to do so and was eventually pulled over at an airport, where she had been circling for 90 minutes.

The unusual behavior had people concerned that something more serious was going on with the young star. Her behavior has only gotten more odd, with a series of puzzling, and random, Twitter posts.

"Knowing you'll end up with that person but you just can't be with them right now," she tweeted on Monday. "If you don't get jealous it's because you don't care. When I like you, no one could say anything to change the way I feel. Win from within," she tweeted throughout the day.

Bynes is not known to be in a relationship at this time, but her posts seem to at least posit the idea that she is with someone.

"It doesn't matter what you think about yourself. All that matters is what your lover thinks of you," she tweeted last week.

Bynes has also threatened to sue "Us Weekly" and Perez Hilton for commenting on her unusual behavior, but attorney Timothy Gorry told Yahoo that the lawsuits would be "an uphill battle."

"As long as they're not posting anything knowingly false, the first amendment pretty much protects them. Truth is a defense to any kind of defamation," Gorry explained.

"I used to consider Amanda Bynes a real-life friend," Hilton told Yahoo in a statement. "Seeing her in the state she's in now saddens me. A lot of her other former friends I've spoken to recently are also sad and feeling helpless. I truly hope she gets better!"

Bynes is now expected to be in court on May 9.