Amanda Bynes Mugshot: With No Wig, Actress Reveals Short Hair (VIDEO)

Amanda Bynes, who was arrested Thursday night for throwing drug paraphernalia out of her Manhattan apartment, was forced to unveil a new haircut Friday morning while taking her mug shot.

The "What I Like About You" actress has received a mass amount of media attention over the past few months. In her latest escapade, Bynes allegedly threw a bong, commonly used for smoking marijuana, outside her apartment window.

The actress was arrested on Thursday night and ordered to a court appearance on Friday morning. Arriving at the courtroom in the back of a cop car, Bynes was ushered out by police officers wearing a long, blonde wig. She wore black top, light-colored pants, and kept her head down as members of the paparazzi attempted to snap her photo.

Thursday night the actress wore the same wig for processing but she was forced to remove it for her mug shot, revealing instead an extremely short haircut beneath. In the photo, Bynes appears unhappy, scowling back at the camera.

After being arrested, Bynes was charged with "reckless endangerment," according to NBC. She was taken to Roosevelt Hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before being processed at a Midtown precinct.

Earlier this week, Bynes made the news after she attempted to board a plane without the proper photo identification. Over the past month she has been at the center of other drug accusations. In one case, Byne's neighbors accused her of frequently making the building smell like pot.

The landlord of the building has referred to Bynes as a "building nuisance" because she is a "disrespectful rule breaker," according to TMZ. The actress was accused of smoking pot "morning, noon, and night" both in her apartment and in the hallways, sources have told the celebrity news website. The apartment is within a smoke free building.