Amanda Bynes' Psychiatric Help Continues as Judge Orders Bynes Held in Facility Until Aug. 9

Amanda Bynes will remain in a mental health facility in California after her request to be freed was denied by a judge. The judge reportedly felt that Bynes was not stable enough to be released just yet and ordered her to stay in the facility until August 9.

Bynes was placed on a 5150 hold after starting a fire in a driveway last week; she was immediately deemed a threat to herself and others and checked into a mental health facility for a minimum of two weeks. Her parents have filed for conservatorship but the judge refused to rule immediately; the judge will issue a ruling on August 9, which means that Bynes could be staying in the health facility much longer than expected.

The judge reportedly denied Bynes' request for release because she had not been formally diagnosed by doctors and her medication plan was not finalized. Initial reports that Bynes was responding to psychiatric medication were labeled not true by a source.

"Amanda has been combative, argumentative and angry that she is being held against her will at the facility," an insider told Radar Online. "It can take weeks or even months for a patient to become therapeutic on the medications because everyone reacts differently. Amanda wants out of the psych ward and is hopeful that a judge will agree to let her out during a hearing on Thursday."

The judge, however, did not acquiesce to Bynes' petition and ruled that she be kept in the facility until she began responding to medications and had a definite diagnosis from doctors, which will help with further treatment.

Bynes has been adamant about wanting to be released, but her parents are reportedly grateful that she is finally getting treatment they think she needs. Their next step is to file for conservatorship, which would give them some control of their daughter's situation and would hopefully help continue the treatment process.