Amanda Bynes' Twitter Apologies; Backhanded Amends?

Amanda Bynes' Twitter feuds calling people "ugly" are now followed by apologies as she tries to make up for the harsh words with something, "sort of nice."

After calling Drake ugly along with a slew of other things, she Tweeted the rapper yesterday saying, "The reason I called @drake ugly is because he is! But I apologize!"

"I don't like leading people on. I will not date @drake ever. I only want to be his friend. I'm sorry that I insult him but it's hard not to!" she followed up with.

On the June 14 she had this bizarre tweet for the rapper, "I'm sorry about the tweets I said about @drake I didn't mean what I said. I hope to become friends with him instead of smashing him!"

More tweets went out toward Perez Hilton and Miley Cyrus.

"@AmandaBynes Do you like my hair longer or does it make me look ugly?" tweeted blogger Perez Hilton, to which Bynes replied, "@PerezHilton you never look ugly! You look cute! Thanks for supporting me!"

After engaging Cyrus in a short feud calling the singer ugly and saying Cyrus' fiancee Liam Hemsworth was the "most gorgeous man" alive, she has suddenly changed her tone.

"@MileyCyrus thank you for rooting for me doll! You are one of the prettiest girls! I want my nose to look like yours after my surgeries!"

Perhaps the most egregious of her tweets came at the expense of singer Rihanna.

"Chris Brown beat you because you're not pretty enough. No one wants to be your lover so you call everyone and their mother," she said and then claimed those Tweets were mocked up.

"This is a mocked up image I found on the Internet that I LOVE! I love @rihanna! She's such a beauty!" Bynes posted later on.