Amanda Bynes Twitter Feud Starts With 'Modern Family' Star's Boyfriend

Amanda Bynes got into yet another heated incident on Twitter after writing to Matt Prokop, the boyfriend of "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland.

"It's sad @AmandaBynes was a child actress who kids looked up to. Now she's just a lost soul in a plastic face. #gethelp," Prokop said during the exchange.

Bynes responded by tweeting, "your girlfriend has an ugly face like you."

This was the most recent outburst by Bynes on the social media site in a list that seems to be growing every day. But it is not just with other celebrities that Bynes seems to be getting involved with. Over the weekend she was involved in another incident after she tried to take the camera from a photographer who happened to snap a few pictures of the former childhood star.

YouTube prankster Brett Cohen saw Bynes walking around when he was out and noticed how frazzled she appeared.

"I was like, 'I wonder if that is Amanda Bynes because I have been seeing her in the media.' She had to stop because she had to show her room key to the security guard at the elevator bank. She seemed like she was in a rush," he said to E! Online.

Cohen's father decided to snap a picture of the star, and she was not pleased.

"As soon as he took the picture she kind of stopped and said 'Sir, I need you to delete that. You can't take pictures of me.' She kind of lunged at him to take his phone. She is trying to grab his phone from him and he starts walking away from her. She started following him and touching his shoulder trying to get his phone," Cohen said.

After trying to avoid Bynes, the father and son were ultimately separated from the actress by security.