Amanda Bynes Twitter Rants Now Going After Fans, Social Media

Amanda Bynes' last couple of tweets have carried on her tradition of lashing out at people, but this time, the victim is the Twitter universe.

Her last three tweets have been directed at the nature of the microblogging site and those she follows -- or doesn't.

"It's an honor for me to follow you on twitter. If I don't follow you it's because you're not worth following," she wrote June 8.

"When everything you do gets scrutinized you lash out! I freak out on whoever calls me something I'm not!" she continued on June 4. "Don't take ur issues with me to twitter. If u have an issue with me (I don't know why you would if u don't know me) - talk to me in person!" she wrote later that day.

It is becoming evident that now even her fans are getting tired of her Twitter rants towards celebrities and police regarding her arrest and drug possession.

She has been busy slamming other stars on her Twitter with bizarre call-outs, going after celebrities such as Lance Bass, Rihanna, Ru Paul, Drake and even her own father, calling many of these people "ugly" among other things.

These rants have gained her several opportunities. One was to be a radio host on her own show for the Playboy Radio Network.

The station tweeted Bynes saying, "@AmandaBynes Seriously, Amanda – we want you to co-host our afternoon show for a day. Please DM your info."

''I want to [do the show]. But I can't because I'm recording an album! ''I'll go on their show for an interview when I'm promoting my album," she replied, denying the offer.

Earlier today, Bynes was reportedly contacted about a record deal with hip-hop label Chinga Chang Records.

"The fact that Amanda wants to do hip-hop music means that Chinga Chang label is the best place for her to do this, because of my past experience with bringing pop and legitimate hip-hop together," music producer Daniel Herman told RadarOnline.

Bynes' Twitter has been quiet the last few days, but with the hip-hop deal potentially falling in her lap, one can expect to hear from her any minute.

"Look forward to seeing me in music videos!" she tweeted a few weeks ago after her arrest. "I'm getting in shape and getting a nose job! I'm looking forward to a long and wonderful career as a singer/rapper!"