Amanda Knox Latest News: Letters Expose 'Torture' and Manicures in Prison

Some of the trials and tribulations Amanda Knox underwent in her four years in an Italian prison have been revealed in letters she exchanged with a pen pal.

Knox, 24, rose to international fame thanks to a trial in early October that reversed her fortunes and allowed her to walk free, acquitting both her and former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito of murder charges.

The appeal against her 26-year sentence lasted more than a year, but the defense was finally able to prove that the investigation that lead to her arrest and conviction was filled with blunders.

In prison she received thousands of letters from men who wanted to marry her, but instead she continued communicating with her ex-boyfriend, Sollecito, on a daily basis.

There was no mention of British student Meredith Kercher, the girl she was accused of killing, in any of the letters. Knox was initially found guilty of being involved in Kercher’s death – her roommate, who was found with her throat cut after an apparent sex game had gone wrong.

In one of the letters written in 2008, she repeatedly pleaded her innocence, saying she had “never committed a crime” and that she does not understand why she is in prison. She described her situation as “torture.”

“I am being tortured and I do not agree with it. I'm sorry. As I say I am suffering so much in prison. I feel scared, lonely without hope, tired even though I am innocent.”

She also shared that she had been reading Italian poetry and spent a great deal of her time studying in isolation. She also exchanged manicures and listened to music when she was moved to a cell with another girl she became friends with.

Since returning back home to Seattle, Knox has tried to stay away from public attention. Sollecito, who has stayed in Italy, has revealed he wants to fly out and visit her, and that the former couple still spoke to each other every day.