Amanda Knox Murder Trial Update: Claims Emerge About Drug Dealer Relationship, Adds More Controversy to Case

(Photo: Reuters/Anthony Bolante)Amanda Knox pauses emotionally while speaking during a news conference at Sea-Tac International Airport, Washington after landing there on a flight from Italy, October 4, 2011. Amanda Knox returned home to Seattle one day after an Italian court cleared the 24-year-old college student of murder and freed her from prison.

Amanda Knox has consistently declared that she is innocent of the crime of which she has been accused, but new evidence has surfaced which adds further controversy to the case, and prosecutors believe re-affirm Knox's conviction.

Some reports from Italy have claimed that a drug dealer's statement could influence Knox's appeal, and could even be interpreted to suggest she had a hand in the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, in 2007.

According to the Italian media, news of a drug dealer's relationship with Knox has emerged, which further adds to the picture of who Knox is and her personality at the time of Kercher's death in 2007.

If Knox's conviction for murdering Kercher is upheld after her final appeals case closes at the end of the year, then she will be required to serve out the remainder of her 28 and a half year prison term.

Italian newspaper Giallo allegedly got hold of a police report for a drug ring, which was supposedly uncovered during the murder investigation.

"During the course of the investigation into the Meredith Kercher murder, we have confirmed that a person whose initial is 'F' would occasionally supply drugs to Amanda Knox, as well as having a relationship with her supposedly of a sexual nature," the police report reads, according to the publication.

The publication would not release the dealer's full name, but claimed that "F" met Knox on a train while she was commuting from Milan to Florence. The two have allegedly kept in touch, and it was also reported that they have called each other before and after the murder. "F" and his two friends, Luciano and Lorenzo, were reportedly arrested for dealing cocaine.

Italian prosecutor Luciano Giuliano Mignini stated that he could not say if the dealers had anything to do with Kercher's murder, but said that Knox could deny the fact given that she knew "how to lie very well."

"Amanda knows how to lie very well. She seemed sincere and credible," said Mignini.

Knox's supporters have dismissed the drug dealer connections being raised now, and believe this is just the latest smear campaign by prosecutors to paint Knox as someone she is not to secure a conviction against her. Since 2007, Knox's supporters have accused Italian prosecutors of relentlessly targeting Knox despite a clear lack of firm evidence, and have accused prosecutors of leaking information about Knox to the media in a way to twist the facts and paint her as a ruthless murderer. Knox maintains her innocence.

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