Amanda Knox Reportedly Broke After Paying Legal Bills: 'Future is Very Unsure, Financially'

Amanda Knox claims she is nearly broke after taking care of bills relating to her trial. Knox faces a slew of libel lawsuits that could cost her a great deal but says that she will not change her story, no matter what happens.

Knox received a $4 million advance for her memoir, "Waiting to be Heard," which sold well. However, she quickly went through the money after paying legal bills and reimbursing her parents $1.5 million for traveling back and forth to Italy for her trial. Knox also paid for college and now owes more money due to the recent decision of a retrial in Italy.

"I don't know what I am going to do. The future is very unsure for me financially," Knox told the Toronto Post.

Italian prosecutors and police have filed libel suits against Knox, claiming that she did not portray them accurately in her book and caused them great distress. They are suing for defamation of character, which could cost Knox even more money. Yet she maintains that she will not change her story because of intimidation.

"People asked me if I would change the book and I said absolutely not… I am not going to change my story just because someone is threatening to sue me, but I mean… it sucks. It sucks and it sucks," Knox said.

"They [police] told me I was wrong, they told me that I wasn't remembering correctly, that I had to tell them the truth," Knox previously said in an interview with CBC host Anna Maria Tremonti. "Over all those hours, I was called a liar. I was told I had amnesia, that I had seen who the murderer was, I had seen the murderer."

"I want the truth to come out," Knox told ABC's Diane Sawyer. "I'd like to be reconsidered as a person."

Knox now faces a new trial in Italy but is not required to be present for the proceedings.