Amanda Knox Verdict: Casey Anthony, Troy Davis - Twitter Users Wonder 'Where's the Justice?'

After almost four years behind bars, American student Amanda Knox learned that she would be freed and heading back home after a judge in Italy's court overturned her guilty murder verdict Monday. Some observers wonder, however, if justice has really been served. Has Knox, like Casey Anthony, "gotten away with murder," Twitter users wondered immediately after the verdict was read.

Although found not guilty of murder due to the "unreliability" of DNA evidence initially used to convict her, Knox was found guilty of defamation in relation to accusations the American student made against club owner Patrick Lumumba. Knox claimed Lumumba was responsible for Kercher's 2007 murder.

Since she has already been incarcerated for nearly four years, the sentence on the defamation judgment is considered time served, which means Amanda Knox is free.

Once the verdict was read, celebrations erupted inside and outside of the courtroom.

Users on the Internet also offered their reaction, with comments being mixed on Knox being acquitted of Kercher's murder. There are hundreds of comments, however, that expressed doubt about Knox's innocence, with some even comparing her case to Casey Anthony's and Troy Davis.

A user by the name of "Broke Chris," wrote: "NO EVIDENCE: Troy Davies KILLED! Evidence: Amanda Knox & Casey Anthony FREED!... Justice?"

"Amanda Knox is freed ?!? This is some BS ! Between casey anthony, troy davis & amanda knox, the system is basura," wrote Janki Patel, calling the system "garbage."

Some users on Twitter adapted the hashtag "#TravistyOfJustice," perhaps hoping to push the term onto Twitter's Trend list, which included "#Knox," "#AmandaKnox" and "Meredith Kutcher" not long after the verdict was read.

Jon W Colson wrote, "Agreed! - RT @funnykeithlyle: Why couldn't Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony switch courtrooms? #TravistyOfJustice."

"Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox have proven to me, u must include a white woman in ur crimes...u may walk," wrote Will Cotton.

Author and political commentator Anne Coulter also took to her Twitter account to offer her two cents on the matter:

"If Amanda Knox gets off today, CNN is pairing her with Casey Anthony for 'Knox/Anthony' to replace the 'Parker/Spitzer' slot," Coulter wrote (!/AnnCoulter/status/120941204648116225).

Other jabs on Twitter included comments on whether Knox and Casey Anthony, found not guilty in the death of her 2-year-old child, Caylee Anthony, would become roommates or best friends.

Troy Davis, executed Sept. 21 for killing a Georgia police officer, was believed by many supporters to be a victim of a faulty justice system.