Amateur MMA Fighter Dies After Hardrock MMA 90 Bout

YouTube / Hardrock MMAA shot of Donshay White's previous fight during the Hardrock MMA 76 against John Johnson

An amateur mixed martial artist (MMA) passed away after joining the Hardrock MMA 90 bout in Louisville, Kentucky.

On Saturday, 37-year-old Donshay White died after losing to another amateur MMA fighter Ricky Muse during their heavyweight match.

According to reports, Muse managed to defeat White through a technical knockout decision during the second round of the fight. The referee had to stop the fight due to Muse's unanswered blows when the match reached 2:22 in the said round. But things turned downhill when the fighters headed backstage.

BluegrassMMA reveals that White seemed extremely exhausted, which is why he was given medical attention. The amateur MMA fighter's breathing suddenly stopped and he lost his vital signs after passing out several times.

The report mentions that White received CPR backstage, then he was immediately transported to KentuckyOne Health Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital where he was reportedly declared dead.

At the moment, White's cause of death is still unrevealed.

It was reportedly White's first MMA bout since November 2015 where he managed to beat Joe Johnson Jr. during the first round of their match at the Hardrock MMA 76 event.

Other incidents were also reported during the Hardrock MMA 90 event that happened during the weekend. According to reports, the medical personel were also asked to return to the ring during the ninth match of the evening where Bryan Hamilton and Matthew Schofield faced each other. Another fighter named Kalen Ray also collapsed backstage after his fight.

Since the doctors were all engaged during that time, the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission declared the cancellation of the event for the rest of the evening.

The officials of Hardrock MMA released a statement, saying: "Hardrock MMA joins the entire MMA community in mourning Donshay White. As a promotion who has put together 89 events over the last 8 years without incident, we always have we will continue to put our fighters safety above all else. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones."