Amazon to Create Video Game Console to Run on Android

Reports have been surfacing that Amazon is throwing their hat into the console race as they work to develop their own.

Game Informer reports that Amazon is working on an Android based console to launch by the end of the year, and said they have "knowledge of the in-development hardware."

Google is also working to develop an Android-based video game console in their first attempt at a console.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new system could be available this fall.

Sources have said Google is not trying to be in competition with Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo, but rather, Apple, one of their biggest rivals in the device business already.

Rumors have been circulating on Apple's plan to create a console of their own for television sets.

There has been an influx of Android run gaming consoles over the last couple of months, touting new technologies that claim they are better and faster than any of the major distributors. Within the last week a Kickstarter for a new console OUYA went up, and company, Nvidia delayed the Shield, a highly publicized new mobile console.

At the E3 expo in Los Angeles, MadCatz, a gaming peripheral company, announced their Android-powered "micro-console," the "M.O.J.O," while GameStick completed a successful Kickstarter campaign where they reached six times their goal, reported NBC News.

Google could be trying to put a chokehold on all Android-based consoles by setting the tone for what the systems could or should be. The Wall Street Journal said it is comparative to their acquisition of Motorola in 2012. Another key component could be the need for drawing more competition from Apple.