Amazon to Ship 5 Million Kindle Fire Tablets for 2011 Holiday Season

Amazon is enjoying much success with its Kindle Fire Tablet and a recent report from DigiTimes revealed the company plans to ship 5 million Kindle Fires by January 2012.

Quanta Computers, an overseas manufacturer of the tablet, confirmed to Asian trade publication DigiTimes that it shipped between 3 million and 4 million units of the 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet to the online retailer.

“The sources said Amazon has continued to increase its orders for Kindle Fire and aims to see total OEM Kindle Fire shipments reach five million units by the end of December or early January,” said DigiTimes.

Amazon does not usually reveal any sales data for its devices so a comparison to other companies’ product sales is a complex task. Insider information is usually required and most technology companies employ Asian manufacturers to build their products; thus, supply chain leaks commonly provide this type of data for interested parties.

They calculate sales by considering the units shipped to the company. Website 9to5 Google said Amazon could accomplish the feat of moving numerous units within the 2011 holiday season.

“If all goes well and sell-through is high enough, Amazon should have no trouble reaching an installed base of five million Kindle Fire users by the year’s end,” said 9to5 Google.

The tablet maintains a prominent place on Amazon, so by the company using its ecosystem - it can continue to capitalize off the sales of the Kindle Fire.

The device was introduced Sept. 28, and it began shipping just 16 days ago.

Various publications have already reported on the high sales for the tablet throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The 7-inch Fire is not quite an iPad, but it seems to be the first tablet besides Apple’s device to have this much of an impact on the market.