Amazon Offers 80 Percent Discount on Textbook Rental

Amazon has come up with a new offer college students may be interested in. Instead of buying the textbook for the course you are going to take, rent the digital version at a 80% discount of the print textbook price.

Not only will this deal help keep your bag lighter, but it may be a good excuse to buy the popular e-reader Kindle, although it will work perfectly fine in your PC, Macbook, and other mobile devices.

Amazon will rent you the digital textbook for a minimum of 30 days giving you the option to extend the rental time for as little as 1 day and "Pay only for the exact time you need the book" reads the offer.

It’s a luring offer for people who are aware of textbook costs pricing up to $200.00 when the digital version Amazon is offering at a 80% discount would only cost $40 dollars.

However if you're course needs you to use the textbook for three months or more, maybe buying the print version wouldn't be a bad option either.

Amazon is also allowing students who use the kindle to access their notes and highlights anytime, even after the rental expires.