Amber Portwood Back in Jail After Lying to Court

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood is back in jail after lying to court officers and refusing to take a state-ordered drug test. The star has recently been trying to get her life in order, but this comes as a major setback for the troubled teen.

Portwood, who is currently on parole, must complete random drug tests as a condition of her release. However, she was a no-show for a drug test and when asked for an explanation, Portwood told the court that she was unable to leave bed after having laparoscopic surgery to remove her gallbladder.

As TMZ reported, Portwood's case manager was the one to tell the court the truth after he suspected her of lying and he called her doctor directly. Portwood is now back in jail and is expected to remain there for several weeks until she meets with the judge.

This is not the first time Portwood has seen the inside of a jail cell; in February, she was released to strict house arrest after charges of possession were filed by the state. One halfway house had reportedly refused to admit Portwood, as it felt she was too unstable for their program.

At that time, "Portwood was sentenced to at least 18 months- and a maximum of three years- in the program and would have to appear at a drug court hearing every week," E! News reported.

She has since been evicted from a government-subsidized home after it was revealed that she lied on those documents. In order to qualify for the housing, Portwood would have had to have made a minimum amount of money; as it turned out, she made significantly more than what the government required and was evicted.

Portwood has been living with her grandparents and appeared in front of a judge just a few weeks ago to settle that case. Judge David Happe ordered Portwood to pay $673 in back money to the housing authorities within 30 days. There is no word if she has completed that requirement.

Portwood and one-time fiancé Gary Shirley have a daughter, Leah, who is in the full custody of Shirley. The couple separated after going through several highs and lows, including repeated incidents of domestic violence by both of them.

No court date has been set for Portwood yet.