Amber Portwood Jail Drama Documented, Star Explains Prison and Suicide (VIDEO)

The drama building up to the 5-year sentence that Amber Portwood was recently slammed with has been documented based on recent previews and will unravel on MTV's "Teen Mom" in the new season, which begins Tuesday.

Amber Portwood earned herself massive disapproval when she said in May that she no longer wanted to serve out her sentence in rehab, instead stating that she would rather go to prison. Recently the judge decided that Portwood would be sentenced to a 5-year jail term, the original time she faced for charges of domestic battery and neglect.

After viewers witnessed the scene for which Portwood was imprisoned, they will now be able to view the most recent drama as well. The final season of "Teen Mom" will premiere on Tuesday, as viewers get the opportunity to watch Portwood's legal troubles unfold.

"So, I plead guilty to first and third degree of domestic battery, two class A felonies, and they took off the neglect of a child," Portwood said in an MTV preview. "My plea is two years probation and 30-60 days in rehab for anger control, substance abuse, and mental health."

The episode clearly goes back to before Portwood admitted that she would rather serve jail time. In a recent interview, the reality star defended her decision to go to prison.

"In my situation, I felt in the program there were a lot of eyes on me. And it was very uncomfortable," Portwood said last week during an ABC interview from prison. "I felt like that wasn't the life I wanted to live, I felt like I'd rather do my time, and get it over with, and make the best out of the situation that's been handed to me."

The star explained that after the first early days of feeling alone, she soon became hopeless and wanted to commit suicide.

"It was personal. You know being alone, feeling like you're hopeless, you have nothing, feeling like an addict and you're never going to change, even though in your mind you're working so hard but every time you get to court it's not good enough." Portwood said. "I took 30 Suboxone within three days. The depression took over."

The suicide attempt is the second for the reality star who admitted that she had mental health issues in addition to a problem with substance abuse which she hoped to resolve in prison.

"I'm not just going to sit," she said. "I'm going to substance-abuse classes. I'm going to get my GED."