Amber Portwood, Other 'Teen Mom' Stars Changing Their Ways

They may be the subjects of brutal gossip and the harsh spotlight, but several stars of MTV's "Teen Mom" series are working to turn their lives around.

By now everyone is familiar with the stories of Amber Portwood, Jenelle Evans, and Leah Messer. Ever since appearing on "Teen Mom," their lives have played out in headlines of magazines, papers, and on social sites like Twitter and Facebook. With all the negativity surrounding their experiences, it's easy to forget that these girls are just teenagers.

Portwood was sentenced to drug rehab in lieu of a five-year jail sentence. She has had previous arrests for drug use and physical assault but never attended a rehabilitation program. The judge, however, decided to accept a plea that will allow the drug charge to be expunged at the completion of the drug program.

Portwood's family told RadarOnline they believe "she is going to do a lot better" and "wants to be a better mother and role model to Leah (her daughter)." She has already worked through severe anger issues and the loss of an infant sister to SIDS; now it appears she is getting the help she needs for drug addiction.

Last night's show revealed that Leah Messer cheated on fiancé-now husband Corey before they were married. She voiced her fear that the family would be torn apart, and now she and Corey are divorcing. Messer has promoted a positive attitude despite harsh criticism from the general public.

Her Twitter feed includes messages: "I've always grew (sic) up in church. I just took a wrong turn, but god is a forgiving god and hell (sic) lead me!" Another states: "On Christ the solid rock I'll stand! All other ground is sinking sand, I will not be moved!"

Jenelle Evans has been especially prominent in the headlines, with several arrests and probation violation. Boyfriend Kieffer seemed to bring out the worst in Evans; the pair were often smoking marijuana and engaging in physical violence. According to her Twitter page, Evans has decided to take a break from social media (Facebook and Twitter) in order to avoid problems and focus on getting her life back together.

Evans is currently studying to become a medical assistant. Before the Twitter break, she tweeted: "I LOVE IT!!! (sic) its (sic) very interesting and not boring to me at all. my (sic) teachers are so caring and great motivators and just want you to succeed in life."

Nearly all of the young women on "Teen Mom" have relationship problems with their children's fathers. Many are raising their children alone, with very little support from family and friends. While not condoning teenage pregnancy, it is important to keep in mind they were forced to grow up quickly; yes, they may have chosen to appear on the show, but how were they supposed to anticipate the public following?

These young ladies have shared their most private moments with all of America, both good and bad. Now, though, it seems as if they are turning a corner and trying to improve their lives.