Amber Portwood Rehab: 'Teen Mom' Avoids Jail

Amber Portwood rehab sentence could help the "Teen Mom" star avoid jail time.

The sentence was handed down from a judge as part of a plea deal agreement.

Portwood, has had previous stint in rehab facilities. Last year she spend two months at eh Seasons Recovery Center in Mailbu, Calif., after a failed attempt at suicide.

"I am going to rehab for anger control issues and depression," the 21-year-old told Star before her last stint.

This time, the star is back again, but for a host of other issues.

The star brokered a plea deal with prosecutors that helped her avoid jail time in her drug case by going to rehab. She was facing a 5-year prison sentence and mandatory time in a drug rehabilitation program.

A judge in Indiana approved the deal, according to reports.

If she completes the rehab program without a hitch, she will go free, according to reports. If she doesn't, she'll go directly to jail.

Portwood, who was already on probation, was arrested in December for drug possession and violated her parole by refusing to give a urine sample.

It is unclear when Portwood could begin her stint in rehab.

The star of MTV's "Teen Mom" will remain in jail until she is approved for a program, according to reports. Approval into a rehab program could take up to two weeks. Once approved, a judge will officially release her from prison, then she'll be transferred to the program.

Portwood is not the only television star to have drug-related troubles recently.

Actresses Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of court and rehab for substance abuse issues lately.

Demi Moore, also recently had a bout with a rumored drug overdose that left the actress hospitalized and seeking treatment.

It is unclear how successful treatment will be for Portwood and the other celebrities.