Amber Portwood Sober But Struggling With Addiction Demons

Former "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood has reportedly been sober for some time now, having beaten a drug and alcohol addiction while in prison. Now, though, the reality star is being tested after being released from prison and admits that she still has cravings for the drugs she once used.

"I'm always gonna want to get high," Portwood told a friend in the recently filmed "Being Amber" special that aired on MTV this weekend. "I've [expletive] been wanting to get high all day, since I woke up this morning. I swear to God."

(Photo: Facebook/Amber Portwood)Amber Portwood pictured with daughter Leah

Portwood has struggled with her addictions for years and finally made the decision to get help while inside prison rather than go to another outpatient treatment program. It wasn't an easy decision, given that she is the mother of a 4-year-old daughter, Leah. But it was one she knew would save her life. She was released from prison three months ago and has been living with her grandparents and working on rebuilding a relationship with Leah and her family. But that doesn't mean it's been easy for the young mother.

"Being free is so much different than being in prison and being sober. It's just so hard!" Portwood said. "I'm always gonna have triggers. I'm always gonna want to get high. That's never going to go away. My best way to cope right now is hanging out with family."

Portwood was released early from prison and, as a result, must meet regularly with a parole officer and submit to random drug screenings. Thankfully, she has the full support of her family to help her continue to adjust to her new life and has the love of her daughter to keep her encouraged.

Not long after she was released from prison, Portwood and daughter Leah had their first sleepover, which was extremely meaningful for Portwood. She is currently working with ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley to parent Leah. Shirley has full custody of their daughter after Portwood signed away her rights to prevent CPS from intervening and possibly taking custody of the little girl.