Amber Portwood to be Released From Jail Early, After Serving One Year Behind Bars

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood will soon be released from prison after serving one year of a five-year sentence. The 23-year-old has been working for early release, working to earn her G.E.D. and being a model prisoner while behind bars.

"Congratulations sis. I am so happy that you are finally being released," Portwood's brother, Shawn tweeted earlier this week. "You did everything you needed to do to get out long before 5 years."

He first confirmed the news with the Indiana Department of Corrections before sharing the good news with Portwood's friends, family, and fans.

"I received and email and text last night by the IDOC about her release but wanted to keep it secret bc that is what Amber wanted," Portwood added.

Portwood chose to spend time in prison rather than complete a drug-rehab program outside of the court system. She was ordered to spend five years behind bars but has maintained a relationship with her daughter, Leah, thanks to her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley.

"I'm so excited and I'm really working hard studying so I can score high on the GED test," Amber told Radar Online this summer. "I'm working my ass off to get out of here!"

"She's so beautiful," Amber said of Leah. "She has long, blonde hair down to her butt now and she's getting tall. I can't wait to get out and spend time with her! Booboo sat on my lap the whole time we were playing game had a few snacks."

Amber has had the support of her family while behind bars. Brother Shawn has maintained steady contact with her during her incarceration and has also been her voice to the outside whenever she wants to share a message. Shirley, meanwhile, has taken full custody of Leah but made sure she spent plenty of time with her mother.

It's possible that Amber could be released as early as November, but a date has not yet been revealed.