Amber Rose's Baby Shower: Model Wears Rainbow Keyboard Dress

Amber Rose, model and fiancée of rapper Wiz Khalifa, recently donned a unique, rainbow keyboard dress by designer Jeremy Scott at her baby shower this past weekend.

Rose, 29, wore the floor-length kaleidoscopic dress, officially called the Jeremy Scott Fall '12 Keyboard Dress, along with a rainbow-colored makeshift hat while hosting a handful of guests, including friends and family, to welcome the birth of her baby, which is reportedly due early this year.

The shower was held Sunday in Rose's hometown of Philadelphia, and reportedly included a handful of friends and family who played games and snacked on candies under the party theme of the color blue.

"We had a good ol down home baby shower today. No papz, no booshiness, just fun, friends, family, food, and & good times," Rose tweeted after the festivities.

Party festivities reportedly included blue cocktails, blue snacks, a blue cake, and blue balloons.

The model, who previously dated rapper Kanye West, was seen in a series of photos on Instagram wearing the multi-colored dress and posing with friends at the shower.

One photo shows Rose and a friend eating what appears to be sour sweets on a skewer.

Rose received overall good reviews for her clothing choice at her shower, with some on Twitter calling her dress "cute," "bright," and "beautiful."

Rose and Khalifa announced in Sept. 2012 that they were expecting a baby, which is reportedly due to arrive in February.

In a December interview with The Wendy Williams Show, expectant father Khalifa joked that Rose is "about to pop," adding that the couple will hold off on a wedding reception until after the baby is born.

"We are still getting married before the baby [comes]. We're just going to have the reception afterwards," Khalifa said.