'American Horror Story: Coven' Spoilers: 'Marie Laveau Can Really Make Her Pay'

Fans of the hit show "American Horror Story" never quite know what to expect on the highly dramatic show. To read spoilers from "American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy, read on.

In last week's episode LaLaurie is betrayed by Queenie when Queenie speaks to Marie Laveau. Ryan Murphy commented on whether or not this keeps up and what is instore for LaLaurie in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"Well I just think now that Marie Laveau has her back she is going to make her life a living hell and she's going to get her revenge. I think if LaLaurie thought living underground for all eternity was hell she hasn't seen nothing yet! It's sort of an interesting synthesis of the rock up the hill idea because she can't die. So Marie Laveau can really make her pay over and over and over again and feel pain and yet not die. So we have a lot of interesting episodes dealing with that," Murphy said.

Murphy also teased some events of what's coming in the next episode of "American Horror Story: Coven"

The next episode "is called 'The Sacred Taking.' It's a tradition that dates back to the Salem days. Sometimes to protect other witches, a witch is allowed to create a sacred act, which is taking her own life. It is about that idea and the question is you know Fiona's not going to go there on her own accord so the other witches try and get to her a place of trying to do that," Murphy said to Entertainment Weekly.