'American Horror Story: Coven' Spoilers: Will Codelia 'Save the Day?'

"American Horror Story: Coven" has captivated many viewers with it's most violent and suprising season yet. What's in store for the rest of the season? Co-creator Ryan Murphy provided a few spoilers about the show.

Murphy recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly where he discussed Cardelia's future. Apparently, she will be the main focus of the next episode.

"The whole next episode is Cordelia realizing her mother's plan, which is to kill everyone and leave with The Axeman. Cordelia is obviously Fiona's daughter in many ways other than she's got some of that sass and smarts. So can she save the day? Or will she herself perish?" he teased.

The "American Horror Story: Coven" co-creator also spoke of Misty. Misty was absent in the most recent episode and many viewers are concerned as her fate is unclear.

"Well, time's running out for Misty. She's trapped in that tomb. And there's not a lot of oxygen in those tombs, and people usually die of dehydration after three days. We do address what happens or happened to her, yes," Murphy said.

Ryan Murphy also spoke about whether the recent runaways Zoe and Kyle will be featured in future episodes or not. And it seems fans will not have to wait long to see what the two characters are up to.

"They are in the next episode. We see what happens when they go to Epcot. They're going to Epcot. I'm absolutely obsessed with Myrtle giving them her jar of jewelry," the show's co-creator said.