'American Horror Story: Coven' Spoilers: 'Winter Cliffhanger' is 'Pretty Amazing'

Last night's episode of hit show "American Horror Story: Coven" was one of the series' most exciting and most gruesome. Many fans are wondering how the show could possibly top it. To see spoilers from "American Horror Story" co-creator Ryan Murphy, read on.

Murphy recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He discussed what is in store for several characters, including the resurrected Joan.

"In the next episode, Joan is alive and her son is in a coma. She finally has to deal with the fact that the ladies next door are witches whom she hates but who can help her, particularly Nan who is a clairvoyant. Also, we give the nation and the world Patti Lupines singing a spiritual, which is a great moment for her. I think "Head" is my favorite episode of the season. What Patti LuPone does. The return of Myrtle Snow. There's some great stuff- Jessica stuff, Sarah stuff, Emma stuff. I'm really excited for people to see that winter cliffhanger because it's pretty amazing. Angela stuff. Gabourey. It's some of the best work of the season," Murphy said.

Murphy also spoke to the fate of fan favorite Queenie, who has been getting more aggressive in recent episodes.

"Well she's clearly aligned herself with the voodoos. You saw she doesn't have Marie's sort of vengeance. I love that she was bringing Kathy Bates hamburgers. She's trying to figure out where she fits in. She has a really big arc and a really big thing that happens that turns everything around for her in 'Head.' Can these two sides get along? Or is Queenie leading the tipping point?" Murphy told Entertainment Weekly.

Additionally, the co-creator spoke about the show's guest stars. He confirmed that guest star Stevie Nicks will be back for future "American Horror Story" episodes.

"We have Stevie for another. Stevie will be in episode 10 and then we have Stevie for another one, doing an idea that she came up with that I thought was too perfect to say no to. Hilariously, Stevie read some of the scripts and called up and said 'Are you aware that one of the things you're doing I actually wrote a song about?' I'm like, 'You've got to be kidding.' Then I remembered the song. We have something cool that was her idea," Murphy said.