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'American Horror Story: Hotel' Finale Spoilers: Will The Killings At Hotel Cortez End?

'American Horror Story: Hotel' Finale Spoilers: Will The Killings At Hotel Cortez End?

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The horror anthology series "American Horror Story: Hotel" is coming to what looks like a gruesome end, judging by the way the season has progressed. The series is airing its final and 12th episode on January 13, Wednesday, on the FX network. But if the promotional trailer and the official synopsis are true, the finale may go the other way.

The finale's synopsis, as shared on CarterMatt, does not reveal much. It reads: "In the season finale, a new era begins at the Cortez under Iris and Liz. Elsewhere: John and Alex struggle to adapt to life outside the hotel." It does, however, reveal who among the series' characters are left alive so far.

Iris and Liz Taylor are left taking over the management of the cursed Hotel Cortez, while John and Alex deal with the consequences of their past actions – John being the "Ten Commandments Killer" and Alex for choosing to receive the ancient blood virus and giving it to a group of school children.

The rest of the show's characters are either dead and are now "living" as ghosts or are undead. This counts Mr. March, the Countess, and Sally. According to a report in Design and Trend, the season finale may also possibly bring an unexpected ending for the series. Basing it on Mr. March's impassioned plea in the promo trailer for the killings to stop, the report speculates that perhaps this may happen and all will be well at Hotel Cortez. With the ghosts and the undead in the hotel stopping their murderous ways, this may indeed usher in a "new era" for the hotel.

The Design and Trend report also cited that there may be one ghost in the hotel who will not be happy with Mr. March's wish. Sally, the former drug dealer who became enamored with John, is seen in the trailer as an angry and miserable ghost because John is no longer with her inside Hotel Cortez.

Fans only have a few more hours to wait to find out what happens to the living and the dead in the show's final episode.


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