'America's Next Top Model': Ashley Graham Returns as Judge

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Ashley Graham is returning to "America's Next Top Model," this time, as a panelist alongside perennial judge and series creator Tyra Banks. The supermodel is excited by the prospect of her new job, she tells in an interview.

The supermodel has confirmed the news herself in an interview with People Now, as Graham reveals her role as a panelist for "America's Next Top Model" cycle 24. Ashley Graham seems to be looking forward to her new assignment.

The 29-year-old fashion icon is relishing this opportunity to work once again with Tyra Banks, the original host, judge and creator of the "America's Next Top Model" series. Asked if there was something she was most excited about, Graham answered "Having Tyra there." She continued by saying, "She was there in the beginning and the end [of cycle 23], but we didn't get the Tyra-isms in the midst of it all."

The series creator has been a mentor figure to Ashley Graham, and she has stated on several occasions that Tyra Banks is someone that she always looks up to.

Tyra Banks, on her part, is set to return this cycle after leaving for a short hiatus in the previous season of "America's Next Top Model." Pop star Rita Ora filled in for the fashion icon in her absence.

Ashley Graham and Tyra Banks will be judging this season's model prospects alongside Paper Magazine Chief Creative Officer Drew Elliot and celebrity stylist Law Roach, as reported by Variety. Rita Ora will not be coming back to the show this season as Tyra Banks resumes her accustomed role as a judge and host for cycle 24.

"America's Next Top Model" begins production later this month. Banks and Ken Mok will serve as executive directors.