Amnesty International Protests Against Egypt's President Morsi During Germany Visit

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(Photo: MidEast Christian News)Amnesty International Protest in Germany

Amnesty International organized a demonstration to protest against the violent confrontations between Egypt's security and military forces, and demonstrators during Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's visit to Berlin on Wednesday.

The demonstrators carried two statutes of Pharaonic Queen Nefertiti: the first was wearing a protective mask, while the other was wearing bloody bandage.

The protesters also raised banners reading, "Morsi, suspend the violence against the demonstrators."

German news agencies quoted the rights organization as demanding the Egyptian president, as a human, to do his best to reveal the details of the violence committed in recent days and to ensure the officials involved would be prosecuted.

The original statute of Nefertiti is housed in the Island of Museums, near the German Chancellery headquarters, where Morsi met with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday.