Amy's Baking Company Employee Contract Revealed, Rules Exposed

Amy's Baking Company is still under fire after a work contract was released to an online site. People are outraged at some of the stringent rules, and many wonder why anyone would want to work for the Company.

"No purses or bags are allowed inside ABC, (exceptions may be made) however upon leaving a designated employee of ABC has the legal right and consent to inspect any and all packages that you may have brought with you," the contract, released to Radar Online, says.

"No visiting or unnecessary talking is allowed during your work shift. This causes distractions and results in loss of product. And may result in possible harm to you, or to others," states another rule.

Amy's Baking Company became quite famous for its appearance on "Kitchen Nightmares" with Gordon Ramsay. After trying to get through and help owners Amy and Samy, Ramsay left in frustration, stating that there was no way he could help them if they weren't willing to help themselves.

The show was one of the highest rated episodes of the series, leading to Twitter and Facebook postings about the environment and the owners. Amy and Samy went on the defensive, declaring that they were misrepresented on the show. One of the key issues was how the owners treated their staff; they admitted that there had been a high turnover in employees but denied that it had anything to do with them.

Now, with the release of the alleged work contract, people are able to see first-hand what employees sign up for.

"Holidays and Weekends are Mandatory, by signing this contract you are accepting that you will be required to work all Holidays, and Weekends. Due to the nature of our Industry this is a necessity and any No-Show will be monetarily penalized with a fee of $250.00," the contract reads.

"It takes a great deal of time, energy and patience on the part of Samy & Amy (the owners) to train and teach our employees. We are investing in you as a new employee, and we are paying you to teach you. By signing this contract you are hereby accepting that you will be employed exclusively by ABC Amy's Baking Co. LLC. And shall not work for any competitor within a 50 mile radius of ABC within one year of termination or voluntary resignation, without prior authorization from ABC Amy's Baking Co. LLC.," the final rule states.