Amy's Baking Company: Fired Waitress Breaks Silence After Being Scolded for Asking Question (VIDEO)

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YouTube: Bongo2kKaty Cipriano was fired from Amy's Baking Company, which was featured on Fox's "Kitchen Nightmares"

Katy Cipriano, recently broke her silence after being fired from widely criticized Scottsdale, Ariz. restaurant Amy's Baking Company (ABC).

The polite waitress was infamously scolded by restaurant owner Amy Bouzaglo after asking a work-related question on Fox's "Kitchen Nightmares," which stars celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. Amy, who suffered various meltdowns throughout a recent episode, advised Cipriano which table she was to deliver a meal to and fired her simply for asking "Are you sure?"

Amy and her husband Samy recently made headlines for openly attacking dissatisfied customers at ABC and displaying other troubling behavior as part of what critics deem to be their unprofessional business handling methods. Cipriano, who was reduced to tears on the show after her unjust firing, claims that the Bouzaglos' confrontations with several customers was not all that happened during filming.

"[Production] cut it off short but the first night, after Samy brutally yelled at and laid his hands on that one customer the cops did end up being called and everyone had to leave the restaurant and the producers had to pay for everyone's meals. Crazzzyyy," Cipriano wrote via her Reddit account.

The show's producers allegedly paid for the meals "because all of the customers were escorted out during the middle of their dinners," she explained.

The Bouzaglos claim they are the victims of cyber bullies, maintaining that all negative reviews they received about their restaurant before and after their appearance on "Kitchen Nightmares" are false. The couple's refusal to accept responsibility for their business problems contributed to them becoming the first-ever restaurant that Ramsey, who helps revive failing businesses on the show, could not help.

"I think the show just brought out Amy's inner demonic soul," Katy wrote when asked if the owner was as "crazy" as she appeared on television.

(PHOTO) YouTube: Bongo2kAmy Bouzaglo is the owner of Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Ariz.

"The episode was shot in december so quite a while ago and none of amy or samy's actions were staged," she continued. "People may have purposely sent back their food or falsely complained for a chance to be on TV, but that's about it. Everything else was 100% real."

Samy, who was equally as hot-headed as his wife, received widespread criticism after openly admitting that he and Amy take their servers' tips without letting customers know. He has since backtracked on his admission and they are expected to address this along with other criticisms during a public relations-driven grand reopening for their restaurant on May 21.

"The owners will likely be holding a press conference before the Grand Re-Opening and answer falsehoods depicted on a reality television show, including assertions that the restaurant confiscates tips from servers," a message posted on ABC's Facebook page wrote.