Amy's Baking Company Owner Facing Deportation?

Samy Bouzaglo, co-owner of Amy's Baking Company, is reportedly facing deportation. Information from 12 News in Arizona states that Bouzaglo may be under investigation by the United States government for failing to disclose his past on his application for citizenship. Bouzaglo has been banned from France and Germany for illegal behavior.

Bouzaglo's international record showed that he was convicted in Europe for making threats, extortion, and other criminal charges. He was in court on Monday but did not give any indication as to what the verdict was from authorities; instead, Bouzaglo flipped off the cameras and had police remove reporters from the scene.

"The FBI knows all about me," he told "I want people to know about me, but not today, not tomorrow. I have nothing to hide. I am perfectly clean."

"We both made mistakes in the past," his wife, Amy, added. "We have done our time. We can't comment. We know God is with us."

According to police records, Amy "faced four judgments in Colorado in 1998 and 1999, totaling about $14,000. She was also sued in Arizona in 2000 for $3,229. The judgments appear to have arisen from unpaid debts that were turned over to collection agencies."

The Bouzaglos have not had a moment out of the spotlight since appearing on an episode of "Kitchen Nightmares" with Gordon Ramsay. Their vile language and treatment of staff and customers struck a nerve with viewers, who then lashed out at the pair online.

Amy's Baking Company held a grand re-opening this week to celebrate their alleged transformation, and the event quickly sold out. The pair had planned to hold a press conference to answer questions the public had, but that had to be canceled due to reported death threats.

People still showed up to the re-opening, though, just to see if the food was as bad as it seemed on TV, and if Samy and Amy were as obnoxious they were portrayed to be on the show. At least one attendee said she had a pleasant experience and would probably return to the restaurant.