Amy's Baking Company Threatened With Lawsuit by 'Kitchen Nightmares,' Cancels Press Event Due to Death Threats

The producers of "Kitchen Nightmares" have had enough of the negative publicity caused by Amy's Baking Company. Producers sent the couple, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, a letter reminding them that any negative comments said in public would be a breach of contract that could cost them $100,000 each.

The Bouzaglos are set to hold a Grand Re-Opening today, with a special press event beforehand. "Kitchen Nightmares" producers learned of the press conference and decided to take action and remind the Bouzaglos that they signed a contract when they agreed to be on the show.

"If you speak about the show without Upper Ground's and Fox's prior approval, and if you disparage the show, its host, or its producers, you will breach your obligations under Paragraph 10 of your Personal Release and Paragraph 14 of your Participant Agreement," the letter read.

"These agreements prohibit you from speaking publicly about 'Kitchen Nightmares,' other than to acknowledge 'the mere fact of your participation in the Series in personal publicity relating to yourself.' Your conduct exposes each of you to liability for liquidated damages of $100,000," it concluded.

The producers of "Kitchen Nightmares" may not need to worry, though, given that the press conference was canceled after the Bouzaglos received numerous death threats.

"Amy and Samy have had serious death threats thrown their way. There is one man in particular that police have pinpointed and Amy and Samy will be pressing charges. The press conference had to be canceled to ensure the safety of everyone involved. And not only are people threatening them, but they're even threatening to kill their cats, which everyone knows are like children to Amy and Samy" an insider told Radar Online.

The couple became "hated" after a cringe-worthy appearance on "Kitchen Nightmares," which stars chef Gordon Ramsey. It was the first time in the series that Ramsey actually walked away from a restaurant after he claimed he could not do anything to help the couple help themselves.

Their behavior on the show, which depicted them fighting with customers, taking tips from employees, and portraying themselves as victims of an attack, earned them Internet fame and unleashed a frenzy of commentary about the Bouzaglos and their restaurant.

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