An Age-Old Institution

Jewish and Christian students of the Bible have been given a detailed historical timeline in Scripture. We know that God created Adam and Eve about 6000 years ago. The biblical timeline reveals that Noah was born roughly 1000 years later. Abraham was born close to 1000 years after Noah. David was born around 1000 years after Abraham. And Jesus was born close to 1000 years after David. Christ's miraculous birth took place roughly 2000 years ago, which was about 4000 years after God created Adam and Eve. Do the math. It is laid out clearly in God's Word.

When God created man and woman, He made them equal. He created them to be incredibly satisfied with one another. He created them to produce children. That's why a man and a woman can "make a baby." Two men can't do that, and neither can two women. Two men are not equal. They are simply homogeneous. Two women are not equal. They too are simply homogeneous. Marriage equality is defined by God as a man and a woman who are equal before Him and with one another. It really is a beautiful thing the way these two beings complement each other.